Old Castle Air Force Base, MERCED, CA

Electrical System Design/Build Services & Installation

Project: County of Merced, Old Castle Air Force Base

Location: Merced, CA

General Contractor: Contra Costa Electric, Inc.

Architect/Engineers: Contra Costa Electric, Inc.

Description: Contra Costa Electric, Inc. provided electrical system design/build and installation that included a six-mile fiber optic ring around the entire campus of the Old Castle AFB to support its migration into retail tenant space. This electrical system installation included trenching, conduit and pull box placement and installation of 144-strand singlemode fiber around the base.
When completed, the electrical and telecommunications services project included over three thousand singlemode fiber optic fusion splices, terminations and testing with OTDR. This project was the beginning foundation for creating a high tech luxurious retail office complex now owned by the County of Merced.