Oakland Unified School District, OAKLAND, CA

Electrical Services: Power & Conduit Systems Installation

Project: Oakland Unified School District

Location: Oakland, CA

General Contractor: Oakland Unified School District

Architect/Engineers: Contra Costa Electric, Inc.

Project Duration: 6 months

Description: Contra Costa Electric, Inc. was contracted to perform work in the Oakland area for the school district.. The scope of this enormous electrical systems project included providing overhead and underground conduit systems between buildings, metal raceway systems in all classrooms, electrical power to every classroom, administration office and all MDF/IDF closets, and over 3,000 category 5E data cables to all classrooms and administration offices at 12 school locations within the Oakland Unified School District.
This project required coordination with many agencies within the school district and working around the students. Again, Contra Costa Electric received a letter of commendation for our outstanding quality of work, our ability to bring all of the agencies together, and for providing the district with the smoothest and well run electrical services project they have ever had to date.