Los Angeles Unified School District, LA, CA

Electrical Power Systems & Conduits

Project: Los Angeles Unified School District

Location: Los Angeles, CA

General Contractor: Los Angeles Unified School District

Architect/Engineers: LAUSD/Army Core of Engineers

Description: Contra Costa Electric, Inc. was contracted to perform work in the largest school district in the country. The scope of this enormous electrical systems services project included providing overhead & underground conduit systems between buildings, metal raceway systems in all classrooms, electrical power systems to every classroom, administration office and all MDF/IDF closets, over 8,000 category 5E data cables to all classrooms and administration offices at 56 school locations within the Los Angeles Unified School District.
This project was awarded to Contra Costa Electric because of our size, financial stability and experience in successful school projects. CCE was applauded for having the fewest deficiencies and lowest callback rating of any contractor performing work in the district, with less than a 1% callback rating. This is our premier school project to date and set an example for others to follow.