Cal Trans District 7 Headquarters, LOS ANGELES, CA

Telecommunications, Voice & Data Cabling Network Installation

CalTrans.jpgProject: Cal Trans District 7 Headquarters

Location: 130 Main Street, Los Angeles, CA

General Contractor: Clark Construction

Project Duration: One year, completed in 2004

Description: Contra Costa Electric was contracted to design and install a complete voice and data cabling network consisting of category 6 cable for data and voice to over 8,000 workstations on sixteen floors. This state-of-the-art cabling installation included single mode and multimode fiber riser cabling, large pair count copper cabling, (1) MDF buildout, (17) IDF buildouts, (2) Data Centers equipped with copper and fiber cabling.
Work also included installation of over 70 cabinets and hardware equipment. This telecommunications services project along with Contra Costa Electric will be featured on the History Channel program, "Modern Marvels" for its groundbreaking technology.