Electrical Construction Services

NIF_facade.jpgProject: CSP-14B NIF Integration Management Installation and CSP_15 Target Chamber Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories Livermore, CA

General Contractor: Jacobs Facilities

Architect/Engineers: Parsons

Description: The Lawrence Livermore National Lab's NIF (National Ignition Facility) project required the building of a target chamber that consisted of a 40-foot metal sphere inside the target bay, within 6-foot thick concrete walls and surrounded by the beampath infrastructure. It is here, in the sphere where a BB-sized pellet would be hit by 192 laser beams totaling 500 trillion watts of power, creating a reaction similar to that within the sun, with temperatures approaching 100 million degrees.
Jacobs Facilities Group contracted Contra Costa Electric to provide the electrical construction services component of this nationally significant laser technology project.