More High-Voltage Utilities Projects

Electrical Systems & Cabling Installation throughout California

Project Name

Type of Work


Bechtel Clean Fuels
Martinez, CA

HV Cable Pulling


Stiney & Co. Inc.
Pittsburg, CA

60kv Pole Line

Western Area Power Administration

Chevron Refinery
Richmond, CA

115kV G.I.S. (ABB) Substation


Chevron Refinery
Richmond, CA

115kV T-Line on 145 monopoles


Chevron Refinery
Richmond, CA

12kv Pole Line Construction, 46 years continuous


City of Roseville Electric
Roseville, CA

Substation Modification and 69kv T-Lines

City of Roseville

Delta Energy Center - 1000MW Power Plant
Pittsburg, CA

230kv Switchyard with control building


Dollar Rent-A-Car Project, Oakland Airport
Oakland, CA

12kv Duct Bank & Substation Mod.

L.F.R./Port of Oakland

Domtar Gypsum
Antioch, CA

115kv / 4160kv


Edwards Air Force Base /NASA
Edwards AFB, CA

34.5kv Electrical Power Distribution System


Lawrence Livermore Lab
Livermore, CA

115kv Substation & 115kv Underground

Lawrence Livermore National Labs

Moss Landing New Generator
Moss Landing, CA

230kv Substation and T-Lines /
13.8kv ISO Phase Uni-Bus

Fluor/Duke Energy

Moss Landing New Generator / Old Generator
Moss Landing, CA

230kv substation and T-Line
Major Plant Maintenance

Fluor/Duke Energy

NASA Ames Research Center
Redwood City, CA

115kv Substation NASA
New United Motors
Fremont, CA
New 115kv Substation – Design Build NUMMI
Antioch, CA
230kv Substation Modernization PG&E
San Jose, CA
230kv Substation construction ABB/PG&E
PG&E - Various Sites
(San Francisco, So. San Francisco, King City, Belmont, Stockton, Contra Costa County, etc.)
Pole Replacement Projects PG&E
PG&E Tri-Valley 230kv 3 miles 230kv underground conduits PSD/PG&E
Livermore, CA

Cabling installation –
Design Build

PG&E, Monta Vista
Cupertino, CA
230kv Substation – Design Build PG&E
PG&E, Ravenswood
Menlo Park, CA
230kv Substation PG&E
Port of Oakland - 12kv along Middle Harbor Lane
Oakland, CA
New heavy 12kv Distribution System, New Substation Port of Oakland
Shell Oil Company
Martinez, CA
115kv – New Substation Shell Oil Company
Silicon Valley Power
Santa Clara, CA
115kv & 69kv overhead line rebuild Silicon Valley Power
Sacramento, CA
140 miles of Fiber Optics on transmission towers Sacramento Municipal Utility District

Sacramento, CA

230kv Double Circuit T-Line, Guisers SMUD Fiber Optic

Tesoro Refinery
Rodeo, CA

New 230kv substation & T-Line Tesoro
Tracy, CA
69kv Transmission Line Western Area Power Administration